My name is Alexander Pitzel, and this is my personal creative endeavor.

I am a freelance filmmaker based out of Sudbury, Ontario. I recently graduated from Canadore College's Digital Cinematography and Applied Filmmaking  program.

I have a love for Editing and Cinematography and I have had the opportunity to work on several feature projects as a freelancer and with companies such as Technicolor Canada, Urban Post Production and Deluxe.

I have experience with a variety of cinema grade cameras including the Arri Alexa, RED Epic and Cannon C500, both from a DIT and Camera Assistant's perspective as well as some operational experience.

I strive to achieve a high degree of quality in all of my work and I am always learning and improving. As well as being punctual, I am extremely reliable, self sufficient and capable of solving any number of problems, both technical and logistical.

I am willing to work, in any capacity or field, to gain invaluable experience.

Above all else, Filmmaking is my passion.
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